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What is IDiF?

We are asset owners, asset managers, public and private institution trustees, financial services providers, investment consultants, academics and regulators

championing the importance of inclusion in the financial services industry

by breaking down structural and systemic barriers and driving impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies.

We Are Changemakers and Innovators Who:

Advocate for the importance of diversity of human experience and innovation

Break down the structural and systematic barriers for equal access and opportunity

Facilitate the adoption and implementation of measurable and impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies

We Catalyze Collaboration Through

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Curating information and disseminating thought leadership that empowers community stakeholders to drive equity and inclusivity within their organizations

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Spearheading working streams that innovate data-gathering, transparency, and accountability across asset classes

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Monthly convenings (conversations), held under Chatham House rules, ensuring openness and discretion

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Increased access to capital by facilitating GP/LP introductions

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We Educate and Advocate For:

Policy Innovation for Limited Partners, General Partners, legislative stakeholders

Technology-enabled tools for measuring inclusive investing

Greater transparency by demystifying the diligence process

Our Values

We bring a diversity of thought and experience around the table. We approach each challenge from a human-first perspective, bridging the gap between macro-economic and behavioral factors to build sound economic solutions.

We believe change is possible and necessary. We align with a clear intention to evolve the current financial system toward a more equitable and efficient reality.

We emphasize open-source scientific discovery and community-building to create research that welcomes scrutiny and is designed to evolve.

We know that the best innovation is collaborative and combinatorial. We leverage diverse stakeholders to connect ideas in new ways.

We hold ourselves and market participants accountable to clear principles and measurable goals.

We prefer open questions to final answers and combine intellectual honesty with empathy.


Programmatic Initiatives

Associate Board

IDiF’s Associate Board will bring together rising professionals from the sector, giving them a platform to collaborate, cultivate and inspire the next generation of leaders and philanthropists. Chaired by Jonathan Joseph and Carlotta Franchin, IDiF’s 12-person Associate Board launched in September 2022.

Community Convenings

Curated events, bringing cutting-edge insight from Subject Matter Experts on industry trends while fostering connection and facilitating open dialogue.

Insight to Action Platform

IDiF’s due diligence and stakeholder mapping has established the need for an Insight to Action Platform, which we are currently building. IDiF has partnered with Columbia University’s Sustainability Management Net Impact (SUMANI) to build upon IDIF’s work over the last two years to coalesce thousands of relevant resources, toolkits, research, and thought leadership in Phase I.  We officially wrapped Phase I  in December 2022. 

Become a Champion

As a non-member organization, we are fully supported by generous philanthropic donations from our Champions and In-Kind Partners. 

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